Rumor: The new GPU AMD Tonga will be the replacement of the R9 280 and will come out in August.

A couple of weeks ago we told you that the next AMD card was close to being launched. This new GPU would be part of the new Tonga architecture, which will be the one to replace the Tahiti PRO core and the Tahiti XT core.

The new Tonga graphic card that is about to arrive, according to some sources, will be launched in a couple of months, during the month of August 2014. The nomenclature of the new Tonga is still unknown but it is supposed to be the one that substitutes the AMD Radeon R9 280. This is based on its 256 bit interface with 32 UC and 2048 SP. Apart from these technical specs, it has also been said that the GPU Tonga will have great energy efficiency and that could even get a 7GHz memory clock. We are thinking that it could be named AMD R9 285.

As we also said a couple of weeks ago, the manufacturing of this new card is a complete mystery, as it is being said that Global Foundries will be responsible of the manufacturing, but it is also rumored that TSMC could also be manufacturing this GPU with its new 28 nm node.

This GPU that, according to the old leaks, would be launched during the autumn months, according to new leaks, it will come out on the last days of August, although as it often happens, this could change and the launch could be in winter or simply be cancelled.

The GPU Tonga will be aimed to the public that needs a midrange graphic card with a Price around the 230 dollars, if this is in fact situated as the R9 280. For the moment and as always with rumors and leaks, we have to wait for AMD to officially announce it or at least confirm or deny the rumors.

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