Review: Seasonic M12-II Bronze ATX 750w Power Supply

The current power sources show us the way of equilibrium in models of 700-750w. We now analyze one of these offers from one of the most respected manufacturers.


When I search for equipment sources, I usually check two options, machines where we have to test configurations with very high performance graphics, or just the ones I will personally use privately or when working. In the latter case, usually the sources guarantee potency and quality at the right price, I find on models 700-800w. One option that I would take into account in this range is definitely the new Seasonic M12-II.

Technical performance.

The Seasonic M12 series is a classic, now updated with some modernizing elements. Its name comes from the use of a 120mm fan for ventilation, but it is far from being just normal. It is a source of great quality that you can trust.

It is designed based on a DC-DC converter with Japanese capacitors designed to operate at temperatures of 105 ยบ. A source with ample capacity to be found from 650 to 850W in power. We analyzed the midpoint.

It has a single 12v rail which facilitates PC configuration, regardless of rail freight. It’s a very capable source medium and high graphics settings with support for technologies like SLI Crossfire and official certification. The source is certified 80 Plus Bronze, guaranteeing more than 80% efficiency in energy transformation which results in less heat generated within the source and less power consumption.

And the best advantage of this source is getting all this with an ultra-compact design, ATX course, with a length of 160mm only the sources configured in more compact modular design. Actually, it has a semi-modular design, as we shall see. This extremely compact source has been tested with the Silverstone SG09 without the slightest problem. It can provide the power you need for a compact, high performance computer without being a problem for installation.

Wiring and ventilation.

The design of this source is semi-modular. This means that we have some fixed cables and others that we can install. The installed cables are ATX power, the main cable, 12v support cable processor with 4-8 pin cable, and finally the double PEG 6 +2 connector to feed one or two graphs simultaneously.

Modular wiring includes two 6 +2 connectors graphics, up to 8 SATA ports, four connectors for peripherals 4P Molex and two floppy connectors supplied from a cord adapter to Molex. All models in this series provide this configuration. The connectors are quick locking type, not thread systems or anything similar. And the conventional wiring has no insulation or anything similar, but is protected with mesh for superior durability.

The perforated structure in the honeycomb form allows higher air input without forcing fan operation resulting in quieter operation and controlled in addition to the high efficiency of the source. The fan has been said to be 120mm, but it has a double ball bearing which gives good performance in terms of noise and superior durability.

In our tests of the source, load averages proved to be really silent with intelligent control of fan rotations being very suitable for users who want power but do not want to pay with a noisy PC.

Analysis and conclusion.

The Seasonic M12-II is a potent source with a single rail 12v configuration, quiet and effective ventilation and certified 80 Plus Bronze efficiency. It is a high quality source configured for high power graphics cards and Crossfire and SLI configurations. Semi-modular design, manufacturing and quality Japanese components from one of the most respected manufacturers. A magnificent device that can be found for about 110 Euros with a power of 750w.

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