Review: Antec Hundred Nineteen

When space is everything, Antec always have the best option. Now with the new Nineteen Hundred, this is truer than ever.

Antec Hundred Nineteen


Most of us are happy with cases capable of handling ATX motherboards and some hard drives with one or, at most, two graphics cards. But there are more demanding users, of course. For them, Antec has created the Nineteen Hundred, a case with a modern design but with the essence of endless space that this legendary brand is known for.

Antec Hundred Nineteen

Size and Design

This case has an unconventional size. It’s very big, and as such has a higher storage capacity. You can even install several hard drives and two motherboards and PSUs.

This case has an amazing height of almost 700mm, and a standard width of 223mm and 555mm. It’s made of SECC (galvanized steel) and it comes in black. We can find it with slot covers in red or green (Nvidia and AMD?). It weights about 8kg, so it’s really heavy.

Antec Hundred Nineteen

The case design is not as flat as in classic models of the brand. Antec has featured a striking and very good-looking design. In the air intakes, you can find washable filters and the whole tower is dismantled quickly as even the lower storage area opens with two buttons and has hinges plus noise insulating material to keep everything quiet.

Antec Hundred Nineteen

There’s also an acrylic window on the left side of the box to display internal components. This is a must have for any gaming case.

Another interesting factor about the size of this case is that it has the capacity to accommodate large format motherboards and up to 9 expansion slots. This means that we can place four graphics cards with an extra slot. It also supports 330mm-long graphics cards, which makes it compatible with the longest and most powerful GPUs on the market.

It supports ATX formats (and all its sub-formats such as Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX) and other larger formats such as SSI CEB and E-ATX to even Workstation boards (including two or more sockets), servers, etc. These larger formats, however, offer less positioning capabilities, naturally.


This is definitely the highlight of this case. It is a wonder in this regard. It has a total of 17 storage bays. Three of these are 5.25-inches, and can be found on the frontal area. These units are used less each day, but it still offers some interesting possibilities.

Antec Hundred Nineteen

The great strength of this case is found in its twelve 3-5.inch tool less mounting units, with mounting option for silent blocks and 2.5-inch drives. Six of these are located on the front of the case, where conventional bays would be found in a normal case. In fact at this point the Nineteen Hundred looks like a conventional ATX case. But this case has an extra area, differentiated and isolated from the rest area, where six additional bays can be found. In this storage area, we can install a second power supply to support alternative configuration to suit all of our needs.

Antec Hundred Nineteen

Cooling Solutions

The Nineteen Hundred Antec comes with 6 fans. All mounting points are 120mm. On the front you can find three 120mm fans controlled by a three-position potentiometer. They are designed to cool specifically sensible areas. To enhance the entry of air into the expansion cards (graphics cards), it has two additional points where you can install components without the need for screws.

Antec Hundred Nineteen

The air outlet has a 120mm rear fan and two 120mm upper fans. All of them are individually controlled by potentiometers on the rear of the box. It is also capable of housing a dual radiator without hindering the mounting of the motherboard. In fact, they didn’t even overlap, even without 140mm mounting points, so it is a great case to have all we need in an orderly fashion.

Additional extra features

A case this big has to offer a good management system.¡m or else we will have will be a disaster and it would hurt the thermal performance of our system.

Antec Hundred Nineteen

Antec has arranged three large wiring points, with flanges already installed, plus protected perforations so that we can channel all the wiring behind the motherboard, making it easy for the air to flow inside the case. The perforations are protected by rubber covers. The only problem I see with this system is that it may cause some issues with larger motherboards.

Antec Hundred Nineteen

The case has some additional details worth mentioning, like its front connector. It features up to four USB 3.0 ports with an internal double type 19-pin connector. In addition, there are two more USB 2.0 ports for a total of six USB ports. Simply excellent

Antec Hundred Nineteen

The buttons and LEDs of the case are simple but accessible from the frontal area. All covers can be removed without the need of tools, including the frontal one, although it can be a bit complicated. Only the filter of the lower power supply can be removed without tools. The rest are screwed to the fan.

Antec Hundred Nineteen

It also has two rear holes for liquid cooling tubes. We missed the possibility to add a pre-mounted cooling system, like other brands are starting to offer. Some of these solutions make it possible to install the cooling system outside the case, making it easier to fix in case something goes wrong with it.

Analysis and Conclusion

Antec has a long tradition of making big-sized cases and a legion of fans who have used their cases for years, know they are a solid and trustworthy company. Recently, Antec offered attractive and modern designs but lacked that great case like the ones they are mostly known for. The Nineteen Hundred is a case where you can install your RAID SSD, 12 HDDs and four graphics cards with two 1200w PSUs. What else can you ask for?

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