Razer has unveiled a studio microphone for players

The phenomenon of so-called "YouTubers" and the rise of game-streaming services like Twitch and the like have made many users care a lot more that their videos and retransmissions are in full detail. This includes high-quality cameras and microphones.

It seems that Razer wants to seize this opportunity and has launched a device that moves away from what we are used to seeing in their catalog.

Razer studio microphone

We speak of the Razer Seiren, a high-quality, configurable microphone that also includes a headphone amplifier. It connects via USB and permits varying between four modes: omnidirectional, bidirectional, stereo, and cardioid. It also has three custom 14mm capacitors. The USB interface allows you to work on any PC without any reconfiguration.

Its price is $229 and its launch, planned for this month, will be accompanied by a sponsorship program aimed at people who want to transmit their games using Twitch or other similar services.

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