Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Razer keep giving it all with its gaming peripherals in full color, with the Chroma series. In past reviews, we analyzed its Kraken 7.1 headphones and one of its mouses, the deathadder, now is the turn of the keyboard.

Razer Blackwidow Chroma, along with a Deathhadder are the two emblems and standards of the brand of gaming peripherals. But in a crowded market with gaming products and mechanical keyboards and cherry keys,

Razer with its Blackwidow has bet on its own switches, as we’ll discuss later, something that seems to have liked among the most enthusiastic and has made the decision between models and brands a little harder.

To know it a little more in detail, we’ll have a quick look at its features.

  • Two pressure options for the keys of own manufacture, green in 50g and what we have for analysis or orange 45g, quietest.
  • Up to 10 keys of simultaneous pressing
  • Hub for USB and direct audio on the keyboard
  • 5 buttons for macros
  • All keys are 100% reprogrammable, through Synapse.

As we see at first glance, as it happened with the Chroma version of Deathadder, we didn’t find any difference between the features of this new version and the previous one, both as blackwidow and blackwidow ultimate.

The colors are what makes the difference. But beware, in a keyboard, is something more useful than in a mouse as we said. Given that with the keyboard, we can create macros, and visual configurations with endless possibilities. Given that Chrome, as you may know, has the possibility of choosing between 16 million colors for each key.

Let’s get into the details that make the difference, as the type of switch or keyboard.

As we said in the introduction, Razer has bet on its own switches against Cherry’s, more standardized on the market, and has opted for two versions, we’ll specifically discuss the one we have for review, which is the one with GREEN keys and 50g of actuation force and for making a comparison, we could compare it with Cherry Brown’s, by the type of lowering path, but with some differences, which are the trigger point and return.

In the Razer Blackwidow with Green keys, the pulse detection point will be at 1.9mm and the reset or return at only 0.4mm, with which we’ll have a faster response, if we compare it with the standards of Cherry which are 2.2mm for detection and 0.7 for return point. It seems a good option on details and paper, but at feeling level and as we’ve said more than once, during our Monday podcast or through the forum, in the keyboard as in the mice, everything is very personal and under this criteria, even if it’s comfortable to write and play with it, we didn’t have a quick adaption, as we’ve had with other mechanical keyboards with cherry red or brown.

Moreover, certain points, as the fact that the wrist rest is inexistent increase the uneasiness after several hours of use and all great ergonomics of the keys’ inclination, is lost as this point.

Leaving the ergonomics sector aside, where Razer stands out is in the general quality of the material and finishes in the fabrication of the product.

Although fabricated entirely with plastic, a robust keyboard is shown in all aspects with a very nice and smooth finish. Its keys, are engraved with laser, plus their inclination is optimum and the separation of the keys, very adequate. If we need more height, we’ll have keyboard feet, to give it a little more height, something very common in any keyboard. But still, we’ll still miss a wrist rest.

Something that is uncommon, is the incorporation of a USB hub on the keyboard itself, just like a microphone and headphone input, everything, interconnected via separate cables, meshed with fabric, to our equipment. All connections are plated with gold metal.

At use level and where Razer emphasizes and with a reason, at least for the keyboard, is in the software, as we’ve seen in other products of the brand.

Synapse for Blackwidow Chroma, provides us with a platform, where we can configure the 100% of our keys to our free will.

We can both use pre-established settings, and create our own settings and macros. Which we’ll be able to save in different profiles.

Also, and if we wish to accompany those profiles we’ve mentioned with a chromatic visual aid, we’ll have the sector of illumination, where we’ll take advantage of those LED RGB of Chroma.

Just like in the personalization of keys, we’ll be able to configure each one of them independently, or well, use predefined options and give an extra support to our games configuring the keyboard, according to its function or use.

With a price of approximately 165 dollars, we cannot call this a “modify price” product, but it is one of the most economical keyboards in its product line and this makes the Razer Blackwidow, in its Chroma Version, a loyal candidate to have in mind, if what we look for is a mechanical keyboard.

Is it true that regarding features and benefits it is not the best on the market, but if we value it globally including its software, it becomes something worthy of recommendation or at least worthy of being at the top 3 of mechanical keyboards to value and recommend.

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