Possible Intel Core i7 6700K and Core i5 6600K specifications

A leak has revealed which would be, in theory, the main specifications of the upcoming Core i7 6700K and Core i5 6600K, both based on the Skylake architecture and manufactured in 14nm process.

According to the leaked information, the Core i7 6700K will maintain the approach that Intel follows in its platforms for general consumption, so we would be before a real quad cores and eight threads processor, running at 4 GHz-4.2 GHz, in normal and turbo modes, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Core i5 6600K would have four cores and four threads, as it would lack the HyperThreading technology, running at a speed of 3.5 GHz-3.9 GHz in normal and turbo mode.

Both chips would be equipped with DDR4 memory support and unlocked multiplier, they would function under the LGA1151 socket and the TDP is 95W, though the first would add 8 MB of smart cache and the second 6 MB.

Intel Core i7 6700K

At the moment we have no details on its possible initial price, but we know that the Core i7 6700K could be around $350 or so.

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