PC sales drop 1.7% in the second trimester of the year.

According to the data facilitated by IDC (International Data Corporation, global PC sales have gone down, during the second trimester of the year, to 74.7 million units, a 1.7% decrease compared to last year. These results reflect the smallest descent registered since the second quarter of year 2012, moment in which miniPCs and notebooks suffered a huge descent in sales due to the massive apparition of tablets in the market.

PC sales continue to decrease, but at a much smaller rate of what was estimated (The amount expected was actually of 7.1%), which is in actuality, good news. We have already talked of this before, but it is evident that the great forerunner of sales being better than expected is Microsoft, because, when they stopped giving support to Windows XP, they forced companies to renovate thousands of their computes so they could still keep getting security actualization in their equipment.

This is the preliminary data presented by IDC:

PC sales

In this table we can also see the huge growth of more than 15% that Lenovo has acquired, followed by Dell with a 13.2% and HP with a 10.2%. Of “big” manufacturers, only Acer decreased its sales a 2.5% and the rest only saw them increase. It is the rest of the less known manufacturers who have suffered a decrease in their sales of 18.5%, leading to a total net decrease of 1.7%, but this is an indicator that both users and companies continue to renovate their computers, but they are instead placing their thrust in not just any brand, but in well-known ones.

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