Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Buying a gaming laptop can often be an intimidating process, particularly as many laptops, gaming brands in particular, are notorious for their inability to update, making it easy to suffer paralysis by analysis when trying to make sure you’re buying the exact thing you’ll need to be taking your game on the go.

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

While the process does take a lot of thought, fortunately we have a few guidelines to follow here to make sure that you pick the exact laptop that will fit your needs, in this easy to follow list here!

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Alienware M17x R4 AM17xR4-7526BK Gaming Laptop Review

The Alienware M17x R4 AM17xR4-7526BK is one of the newest gaming laptops off the assembly line, but is it a strong contender to take into the gaming ring? Let’s take a look at the M17x and see what we can find out about this bad boy.

The Good

The M17x is an Alienware computer, which is practically synonymous with excellence when it comes to gaming computers, and their laptop line is no exception.

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MSI G Series GT70 0NE-452US Review

The latest offering in the G Series gaming laptop is definitely getting some buzz. Having been released in July of last year it was touted as the most advanced gaming laptop on the market. But a few months can be the equivalent of years in computer terms, so how has the old GT70 stood the test of time? Let’s take a look!

MSI G Series GT70 0NE-452US

The Good

Power is what this bad boy was built for, and power it retains. The graphics card it has (the GTX 680M) is just one peg down from the latest flagship GeForce GTX series laptop cards, meaning that it has lost little in terms of graphical power in the months since it was launched.

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