OCZ creates an SSD PCI-express of 3.2 TB of capacity.

Since Toshiba bought OCZ for 35 million dollars after they bankrupted, the new division hasn’t stop launching new things in the market. This time is an SSD with PCI-express interface with, no more or less than, 3,2TB of capacity even though, as you can imagine, the cost won’t be for anyone: it will cost 6.533 dollars.

The new SSD of OCZ belongs to the Z-Drive family, which already had a capacity of 800GB and a 1,6 TB (with a price of 2.355 and 3.806 dollars, respectively), but the main difference in this new Z-Drive R4 unit of 3,2TB, beyond its capacity, is the greater speed; even though is true than OCZ hasn’t shown any theoretical data about the performance just yet. What they did say is that thanks to the maximum capacity Japanese components used in the fabrication, this OCZ Z-Drive R4 of 3,2 TB offers a 2,5 PB (petabyte) of random lecture life.

This Z-Drive R4 of 3,2TB has a PCI-express interface, and use specific software that increases the speed of reading and writing operations. OCZ also includes the Window Accelerator software, which is capable of using the SSD as the system’s cache memory.

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