Oculus Rift presents its new Crescent Bay prototype

Virtual reality theme keeps going further, being Oculus Rift probably the most shining star in the VR products sky. The Oculus Connect conference for developers started yesterday, where the company’s CEO presented the new virtual reality headset prototype named Crescent Bay.

This conference has the purpose of informing and forming current and future developers of the Oculus Rift, as well as attracting more people to this world, nevertheless, this announcement was surprising. They not only said the name of the new version, but they also talked about the new features.

Crescent Bay is an evolution of Oculus Rift DK2, which follows the same design line, but it goes a step further on weight optimization, since it considerably lowers.


In addition, now it has a 360 degrees movement sensor and adds sounds (through optional integrated earphones), which marks an important development, as Oculus Rift people has stated, comparing it to the advance among the first and second version.

Another improvements are better resolution and a better refresh rate. There is no an “out” date yet for the first development kits.

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