NVIDIA Quadro K6000, world’s most powerful professional graphic card.

NVIDIA Quadro K6000

NVIDIA is about to launch its new graphics card aimed at the professional market, the Quadro K6000, a solution that will become the new top end of the company and a fairly high performance level that promises to consider it the most powerful in the world.

Glancing at its most important specifications can much better understand these words:

  • 2,880 shaders or CUDA cores.
  • 384-bit bus with 12 GB of GDDR5, with a total bandwidth of 288 GB/s. support for four
  • Support for 4 simultaneous displays with 4K resolutions.
  • Support for input/output of video of ultra-low latency and large-scale viewing capability.
  • TDP of 225W.

NVIDIA Quadro K6000

Saying this, we’ll leave an example to illustrate the numbers a little better: the Quadro K6000 gets triple the performance of the K5000 on the professional application Terraspark’s InsightEarth, a rather interesting result, especially if we take into account that the K5000 has 1,536 shaders, 256-bit bus and 4 GB of GDDR5.

It is expected that the new Quadro NVIDIA K6000 will be available during the fall of this year, but we don’t have details about the possible price. With all this, and given its high performance, is expected to be quite high.

NVIDIA Quadro K6000

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