Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M vs 860M benchmark, Specs Comparison

As far as I know, many people put off the time to buy a laptop in order to wait for the release of the GeForce GTX 960M, but to our disappointment, the 960M is essentially the same product as the 860M Maxwell (GTX 860M also have a Kepler version), which improves little in performance, only about 6% – about 8% or so, so it is recommended that you should not be misled by the new "9" thing when you buy a laptop, next we will introduce these two graphics cards in detail.

Specs comparison:

GTX 960M GTX 860M Maxwell
Chip GM107 GM107
Architecture Maxwell Maxwell
Shaders 640 640
Core clock base 1093 Mhz 1029 MHz
Core clock Turbo 1202 MHz 1097 MHz
Memory clock 2500 MHz 2500 MHz
Maximum VRAM 2GB 2GB / 4GB
Memory type GDDR5 GDDR5
Memory interface 128-bit 128-bit
Maximum Bandwidth 80GB/s 80GB/s

By the comparison of the specifications, we can learn that the GTX960m is essentially the same product as the GTX860 Maxwell, which has the same Shaders, Memory interface and Maximum Bandwidth except a certain improvement in frequency, because it is similar to the GTX860 Maxwell in specification, it results in very little improvement in its performance, according to the test of 3DMark 11 (P mode), the GTX 960M scored only 5300 points in graphics, while the GTX 860M scored 4800 points or so, so it has only improved by about 10.4%, but we all know that the GTX 860M has improved by about 40% in comparison with the previous generation the GTX 760M.

Gaming benchmark:

The 2GB Video memory is obviously inadequate for playing some demanding games like Shadow of Mordor, Assassin’s Creed Unity or Watch Dogs, at the same price, I’d recommend choosing the gtx 860M with 4 GB video ram, the games show much better performance in 4GB vram, if you want to play Wolfenstein: The New Order in highest settings, you can only select a 4GB vram to meet its minimum requirements.

  960M 860M
Thief (Setting: Ultra) 24.9 fps 28 fps
Battlefield 4 (Setting: Ultra) 33 fps 28.9 fps
Dota 2 (Setting: Ultra) 83.1 fps 83.1 fps
Metro: Last Light (Setting: Ultra) 31.9 fps 28.6 fps
BioShock Infinite(Setting: Ultra) 46.8 fps 42.7 fps
Hitman: Absolution (Setting: Ultra) 26.4 fps 24 fps

Next I’ll recommend several laptops equipped with the GTX 960M or 860M, I suggest if the GTX 860M can meet your needs, you do not have to pursue the latest gtx 960M, and you can focus on other components, such as the SSD, the memory or better screen.

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