Nvidia complete its basic line with the new GeForce GT 720

The new Nvidia GT 720 arrives to complete the Nvidia Catalog in its most basic range. Indeed we can consider it as one of the most basic graphics card made by the company. It is based on the Kepler architecture and comes in two versions: One with 1GB of memory DDR3 at 1.800 MHZ and another with 2 GB GDDR5 at 5.000 MHZ. They replace the GT 620 with higher performance and 40% less energy consumption.

With its low power use it makes it unnecessary to use a fan to function. Although, we have seen some personalized models with integrated fans.

GeForce GT 720

Manufacturers like ASUS, EVGA. MSI, Gainward, Palit or Zotac have hurried to launch their own versions of these cards with diverse formats and cooling systems. Although, in reality this graphics card is destined for more modest equipment, that for some reason may require a more powerful graphics card than a GPU integrated into the processor or a low quality IGPU, because nowadays we can find a more powerful integrated solution than this GT 720.

GeForce GT 720

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