NVIDIA announces the GeForce GTX TITAN-Z, great in every way

Here it is, the monster of graphics cards. The GTX TITAN-Z, a dual GPU graphics card, is based on GK110 and it is the first card (at least in the reference model) that needs three expansion slots. Its sink is basically that of the GTX 690, only on steroids, with two blocks of aluminum blades near the heatpipes and cooled by a central fan.


The card has two GK110 chips, each one with 2880 CUDA cores, which makes a total of 5760. Combined, the reach 480 TMUs and 96 ROPs, and each of them offers 6GB of memory, for a total of 12GB.

It is still unknown if it’ll support full-DPFP, but its SPFP reaches 8 TFLOP/s. According to the manufacturer, the GTX TITAN-Z is the first graphics card really ready for 5K resolutions (5120 x 2700) on a single display. In regards to connectivity, it has two dual-link DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI ports.

Its cost: a whopping $2,999, more or less, thrice as much as the GTX TITAN Black and approximately twice the performance. Sadly, we don’t think many people are willing to spend such an amount on a graphics card when you could build a very decent PC for the same price. In any case, we will have to wait for specific performance data.

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