NVDIA will launch the GTX 880 in October and forget about manufacturing in 20nm

This past week we were able to see the supposed first filtered images of the GTX 880 a graphics card which belongs to the NVIDIA GeForce 800 family. To this day a launch date has not been officially confirmed and from what we know nothing has really been confirmed.

The core which will put an end to the known GK104, a Kepler based architecture, and will transition to the new GM204, which is part of the 2nd generation, Maxwell GPU architecture. And will transition to the GM200 the successor of the GK 110.

According to sources everything indicates that NVIDIA is preparing a minimum of 4 new GeForce before changing the manufacturing process already used in the 28nm from TSMC and move on to a new smaller node. The graphics that would come out in the 28nm would be the GeForce GTX 880 Ti, GTX 880, GTX 870, and the GTX 860.


The GM204 core, will offer a capacity between 15 and 20 SMS, which are 1920 and 2560 CUDAS. There exists the possibility that now that Maxwell is more efficient than Kepler that Maxwell’s’ flagship will have fewer cores than the GTKs’ flagship with 110 core architecture.

The sources have also been informed that NVIDIA might forget the 20nm process for manufacturing. Remembering that today they use the 28nm from TSMC. NVIDIA might have in mind to go directly to the 16nm manufacturing process and the GM204 core may be the first GPU to be re-manufactured and be re-launched utilizing a 16nm manufacturing process.

The launch date of the GM204 may be soon. With the first GPU launched during the month of October, this being the GTX 880 and the rest of the GPU’s will appear in the next launch wave which may be in the Q1 of 2015.

As usual we will have to wait for the contrasting information to be cleared up, when NVIDIA presents its new GPU’s, the launch, and the new 16nm manufacturing process and the use of this process to re-launch the GM204 in the GeForce 900 Series. This information will be up in the air until NVIDIA makes an official announcement.

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