MSI releases the new GeForce GTX 760 HAWK, special for Overclockers

MSI has officially presented the new MSI N760 Hawk, a graphics card designed for Overclockers thanks to its Twin BIOS and new features tan not only increase the overclocking performance and possibilities, but also offer a professional overclocking performance without great technical knowledge.

As a cooling system for the new MSI N760 HAWK, MSI has once again included the famous Twin Frozr IV Advanced heat sink, which has two 10-centimeters fans, each on with PropellerBlade and Airflow Control technologies, to keep the N760 Hawk’s temperature as low as possible. According to MSI, this system can decrease the temperature by an additional 10ºC –compared to the reference model-, also reducing the noise by 12.48 dB.

It also features Dust Removal technology, which makes the fans work at their maximum capacity for a few seconds every time we turn our computer on to eliminate dust, as well as Military Class 4 components to ensure the best possible quality and performance. Also, MSI’s new software, known as MSI OC Kit, is designed to make overclocking easier for new users.

The Twin BIOS, like its name implies, are two separate, physically independent BIOS, each one on a different chip. This means you can play around and experiment with them without fear, since you’ll always have the default BIOS if something unexpected happens.

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