MSI launches the first AIO with the NVIDIA GTX 980M and GTX 970M

The launch just a few weeks ago of the new NVIDIA graphics cards with the new Maxwell architecture in their portable version, the new GeForce 900M Series, debuting this series with the new NVIDIA GTX 980M and GTX 970M, even though the 900M are mainly created for high-end gaming laptop, there are also other computers that have taken advantage of the performance and new technologies of the 900M, a clear example is the new All-in-One from MSI Gaming AG270 2QE and 2QC, this being the first AIO with the new GeForce 900M Series.


This new all-in-one computer from MSI is preparing to be a computer that is able to meet the expectations of any Gamer, since its been designed for the e-Sports, thus why the configuration of the MSI AG270 will allow us to play any game in the best way possible.

As such the processor that the models AIO AG270 will have in its two versions will come with a high performance processor, in this case an Intel Core i7 processor, a processor of 4 cores and 8 threads, which will offer a great performance in order to fluent play games that require the most power.

The graphics section of MSI AIO Gaming AG270 can be chosen between either the NVIDIA GTX 980M, which will come in the AG270 2QE model and as such the other model 2QC will come with the younger sister, the GTX 970M, with both models we will be able to play all the current games with high quality configurations, of which we will visualize in the large 27” screen.

The speed of these AIO will come due to the ability to configure up to 16GB of DDR3 memory, speed that we will be able to increase in these computers by being able to configure a RAID 0 of 3 SSD discs connected by mSATA, being able to reach a speed of 1500 MB/s.

At the moment we are unaware of the costs of the different configurations of the MSI AIO AG270 2QW, its expected launch will take place in the following weeks.

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