MSI is the first announcing the GTX Titan Z Business Model

Long we have been without talking about the controversial NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z dual core, right? This evening we received an email from MSI announcing its business model, which ultimately defies the certainty of whether it will be available for sale or not.

MSI uses the slogan "Two GPUs for an unbelievable graphics card", and are not far from reality. As you know, the GTX Titan Z makes use of two GK110 GPUs running an internal SLI, with nothing less than 12GB of GDDR5 dedicated memory, and its price will be around $3,000, a fact that NVIDIA justified with 8 TFlops of computing power. Originally, this graphics card should have been released on April 29, but was delayed until May 8, and it was not until today that a manufacturer, in this case MSI, has announced the official launch.

With the announcement, MSI also confirms that the graphics card runs 706 MHz (not 705 as previously thought) on normal mode and 876 MHz in turbo mode. According to the announcement, too, MSI GTX Titan Z has 5706 CUDA Cores, although we smell that is a typographical error since it is actually supposed to have 5760. Moreover, the 12GB of GDDR5 memory have an effective speed of 7010 MHz and 384-bit bus.

The bad part, guess? MSI has not talked about an official date of launch, nor official price, it has only announced its business model. So, again, it is our turn to wait.

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