MSI GTX 750 OCV1: Small format Maxwell with overclock

NVIDIA decided to launch the first cards with Maxwell architecture in the current mid-range, that is, inside of the GTX 700 family. This has allowed us to prove the high energetic efficiency and the great performance it is capable to offer in relation to its intake.


With this design, graphic cards like the GTX 750 are possible, which with a compact size, allow us to execute most Full HD games without any trouble. Besides, by having a chip with these features, its overclock margin is more elevated than other GPUs’; this way, the MSI has presented and adequately exploited the MSI GTX 750 OCV1, a new version of the GTX 750 with increased speed in comparison to the reference NVIDIA model.

We are facing a GTX 750 Maxwell GPU working at 1059 native MHz, but that can reach the 1137 MHz in Boost mode. It keeps a 1GB GDDR5 memory at 5.000 MHz with a 128 bit memory interface, typical of the graphics based on this GPU.

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