MSI GE70 and GE60: gaming laptops now with Intel Haswell

It’s been only a few weeks since we analyzed the MSI GE70-218ES, but with the recent release of the Intel Haswell processors and the Nvidia GTX 700 series graphics cards, it’s no surprise MSI updated these already great gaming laptops.

By incorporating 4th generation Intel processors, the CPU performance and battery life are improved. Also, these models feature the latest Nvidia graphics cards, the GTX765M and GTX50M depending on the laptop you choose, which will undoubtedly improve the performance of your games, these models’ priority.

Another important feature is the GE70 and GE60’s MSI Super RAID technology, with two SSD devices configures in RAID0. This means their data transfer rate will theoretically reach up to 1000 Mb/s, which will make the system boot really fast and reduce loading times in games.

All the characteristics we saw in the previous model are also included, such as the Killer Gaming LAN, SteelSeries keyboard with backlighting, AudioBoost, SoundBlaster Cinema and much more. These models are definitely the perfect choice for gamers who need a gaming computer with all the benefits of a laptop as well.

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