MSI G Series GT70 0NE-452US Review

The latest offering in the G Series gaming laptop is definitely getting some buzz. Having been released in July of last year it was touted as the most advanced gaming laptop on the market. But a few months can be the equivalent of years in computer terms, so how has the old GT70 stood the test of time? Let’s take a look!

MSI G Series GT70 0NE-452US

The Good

Power is what this bad boy was built for, and power it retains. The graphics card it has (the GTX 680M) is just one peg down from the latest flagship GeForce GTX series laptop cards, meaning that it has lost little in terms of graphical power in the months since it was launched.

It has an i7 series Intel quad-core processor, which is still top of the line, and the terabyte of storage and 16 gigs of RAM are going to keep you quite comfortable as well.

What is among the nicest features is that it does include an SSD drive, which is fantastic for gaming. Not a ton of gaming laptops have fully utilized SSD technology, so it is a very welcome change to enjoy that with the GT70.

It has various quality of life upgrades, such as anti-reflective screen to minimize eyestrain, and a completely back lit keyboard that you can customize (as would be expected of an integrated SteelSeries keyboard) but one of its nicest creature comforts is its Turbo Drive Engine, which typically results in about a 20% FPS increase, which is absolutely fantastic for smoothing out your gaming experience.

The Bad

While its gold-plated audio input is fantastic, the Dynaudio speakers tend to be the first thing to go sour on the GT70. The audio quality is not bad, by any means, but many do see a small degradation in audio quality through the speakers after time.

The amount of comforts built into this GT70 does it no favors in terms of bulk, so it is heavy. Not uncomfortably so, but you do feel the heft of carrying such a powerful gaming brick, above and beyond what is normally expected out of a gaming laptop.

You’ll often see the GT70s, if you’re buying them now, loaded with Windows 8. Windows 8 has some advantages, but not all gamers are sold on a more tablet-friendly operating system installed on their gaming laptop. While not a deal breaker, it can be annoying to some who don’t quite yet want the upgrade, necessitating a re-install of Windows 7 if that is your preference, which is a bit irritating a process to do out of the box.

The Takeaway

For the most part, the GT70 delivers what it promises. It is an extremely solid piece of hardware, and it excels at providing an optimal gaming experience. The consensus online between users of this bad boy is that it meets expectations, and considering the fact that its replacement as most powerful gaming laptop is another laptop in the same series, it is not surprising to see a lot of great mileage out of the GT70.

It’s price is fairly reasonable considering everything it has under the hood, making it one of the better deals, pound for pound, among the gaming laptops. It’s concerns are relatively minor, and the good far outweighs the bad, making this a solid investment to improve your on-the-go gaming experience.

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