Matrox launches new products with AMD graphic chips

Matrox is a brand that has been focusing for a while on professional multiscreen solutions, broadcasting, etc. Its products are now appreciated in various professional markets, but so far they still used homemade graphics chips. There are two new products that introduce multiscreen high quality advantages, now integrate AMD graphics processors.


When we see a HD Video Wall or multi-monitor systems, they may be powered by Matrox technology. Its multiple screens management applications and its specific hardware have become a benchmark in the industry. Now they add two new products aimed at 4K resolutions and multiple screens. Two new models also incorporate AMD Cabo Verde GPUs, which are what home users know as Radeon HD 7700.

The two new cards are the C420 and C680. The first is of low profile, passive, and can power up to four screens with 1440p resolution at 60Hz. All thanks to its Displayport 1.2 miniDP size quad connection. The C680 is a conventional size model, with active dissipation and six MiniDP connectors that allow you to power up to six 4k displays to 30Hz, or three screens up to 60Hz.

The prices of these new models range from $760 of the C420 model and $930 for the C680 model. Remember that Matrox offers much more than hardware solutions for multiple screens. I say this because surely you may know cheaper alternatives, also with AMD graphic chips in the domestic market, or even in the AMD FirePro range.

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