Mars Gaming presents their new Headset family

Mars Gaming doesn’t stop in its tracks, and again presents a new addition to its product catalog. This time is a new headphones family with three members. We are talking about the models Mars Gaming MH0, MH2 and MH3, the latter highlighted by having virtual 7.1 positional audio.

Mars Gaming is looking to have a sufficiently large catalog of products, so they can meet the needs of any user, and of course, always oriented to the Gaming world, thus the aggressive look of their products. Just like the others, these three new headphones come in black and red colors for shading, and are specially designed for Gamers.

Mars Gaming Headset

We said at the beginning that the highlights of the MH3 model are the positional virtual 7.1 sound via USB. Also they integrate an independent volume control system for each speaker in each earpiece. It is the first time we see this feature in a headset (perhaps intended for users with hearing problems in one ear?).

On the other hand, Mars Gaming boasts that these headphones provide total comfort thanks to its intelligent ergonomic design, which allows users to use them during long gaming sessions without feeling tired. Its pads, arranged both for the earmuffs and the headband, and an ultra-long microphone with advanced noise reduction, ensure the best gaming experience. Moreover, these headphones are compatible with most devices thanks to its minijack 3.5mm double connector and a USB 2.0 connector (if the USB is not used, the power of 7.1 surround sound is lost), so they are compatible with PC, consoles, tablets and smartphones.

On the other hand, we have the MH0 and MH2 models which are cheaper options, but also designed for the most demanding Gamers.

Mars Gaming has not yet disclosed the price of these new headphones, nor their arrival date to stores.

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