MacBook Pro is the best Windows Laptop

The IT service Soluto has published a ranking of Windows notebooks, the least likely of problems, including crashes, blue screens and trailer, are afflicted. Number one while the MacBook Pro comes with 13-inch display.

Soluto is a provider of software that can be maintained and controlled by the Company from the remote devices. This software also provides data on crashes, hangers, blue screens and the number of running background tasks are collected. Soluto has the data for the first quarter of 2013 evaluated and a ranking of the best notebooks running Windows released, which is led by an Apple device.

At # 1 the 2012 version of the MacBook Pro 13-inch display with lands. According to data from the MacBook Pro crashes from 0.88 times per week, has hanger 1.08, 0.01 blue screens and 60 tasks run in the background. According to Soluto the good performance lies in the statistics because Macs do a clean install of Windows is required. The manufacturers of other notebooks and Ultrabooks deliver their devices with bloat or crapware – ie pre-installed programs that can provide for conflicts.

Soluto but also mentions that the MacBook Pro is the second-most expensive notebook in the top 10 – more expensive is just the MacBook Pro Retina in 6th place In addition, a version of Windows must be purchased and Apple’s dual-boot Boot Camp software to be set up. Also the keyboard layout is not designed for Windows, and there could be driver conflicts.

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