Life is Strange, analysis

Life is Strange is a game that can go unnoticed for many gamers. However, those who play it will be left wanting more, due to its mysterious story from the beginning will pique our curiosity.

Our main character, Max Caulfield, starts experiencing strange hallucinations. Afterwards, he starts living repeated moments and then when the player starts discovering what is going on.

Life is Strange

This title offers us a single game mode divided in different stories. The first episode, Chrysalis is the only one available at the moment, but you can buy the whole pack of episodes on Steam for 17 dollars or buy them individually for 5 dollars each. But only as they come out for sale.

As we mentioned at the beginning, we protagonist we will be using is a photography student that has lived somewhat bizarre events, who also has to investigate the disappearance of her campus classmate, Rachel Amber. This first chapter will take us around 2 hours to complete, but despite of its short duration, the game will leave us with a good taste.

Life is Strange is characterized for the mix of graphic adventure and for controlling the character as a third person, being able to observe and to do a various actions throughout the scenery. Besides that, we have to be careful with what we do throughout the story because it will affect it. On the other hand, the game will make us a bit tense sometimes when we have to solve the puzzles or rapid actions.

Life is Strange

We have to stand out that the main character has the capacity to go back in time and fix or take certain decisions, for what there are lots of changes during the game.

As for the graphics, it’s not a big deal, although it is true that it fits perfectly with the type of game. We could say that the graphics are not cutting edge.

As for the sound, it all fits to the game. The soundtrack goes along with the social environment of the protagonist. We will be listening repeatedly to the music of Syd Matters.

And with regard of the language, Life is Strange is all in English, although it is fully subtitled.

The mix that some developers make between the graphics adventure and the third person control is quite good. And the decision making that may affect the plot is very well thought.

To highlight:

  • The story
  • Plot changes when making decisions.

Need improve

  • Durability
  • Game divided in sections
  • Graphics

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