LG will present a 34” curved monitor in IFA

Besides this monitor being 34” it comes with superior resolution. Although it doesn’t reach the 4k level, it improves the multimedia experience with regard to Full HD without requiring 4k support for reproduction hardware. The native resolution of this screen is 3440×1440 with a super panoramic aspect of 21:9. The name of this new unit is 34UC97 and will integrate to other leading technologies like Thunderbolt 2 and Maxx audio with speaker in 7W with 2.0 configurations.

LG Monitor

We have to say that this type of screen was already on the market, through other manufacturers, but not in curved format. This new screen will be accompanied by other innovations like the 31MU97, which is a high-end 4k screen with 3840×2160 resolution. This screen comes with an IPS panel, it couldn’t be any other way as this is an LG product, one of the principal manufacturers of this panel. It will have high fidelity color reproduction reaching 99% of the color palette in RGB colors. This monitor will be targeted towards professionals in the photography and design fields.

Lastly LG will present the 24GM77. A monitor for gamers targeted towards fans of FPS a vertical frequency that goes up to 1044 Hz. This is why this monitor has little chance of suffering from vertical flickering and comes with a system that nobly reduces input lag from other conventional LCD screens. The monitor is also designed to dynamically improve the color black and comes with a system to reduce motion blur bettering screen response. With these specifications surely we are before the latest generation TN Panel with a resolution of 1920×1080.

We haven’t heard about the price yet or when it will be available. So we will have to wait for the IFA, which will be held at the beginning of September, to find out more details.

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