Lenovo Y70 Touch, the new portable laptop that all gamers want to have

Lenovo has presented, a few hours ago at the IFA, a new portable device for those who love videogames, the Y70 Touch. Likewise, they brightened the lives of gamers who have to dig into their pockets to pay, with the presentation of the budget desktop X315.

Lenovo Y70 Touch

We don’t frequently encounter computers that are destined to offer a lot of benefits and that still maintain its style. This is the case of Lenovo Y70 Touch, a portable 17-inch laptop from an Asian brand, which has just been introduced at IFA and quite certain to become the best friend of more than one gamer.

Lenovo Y70 Touch

The highlight of the latest jewel of the Chinese brand is that they have managed to maintain an excellent design, very thin and very low weight (only 3.4 kg), and at the same time they have managed to come up with a laptop that does not have any problem with the most demanding games, while maintaining a good line of autonomy.

The 17 inch screen is a panel of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, a joy to the eyes of those who deign to play on the laptop. Everything comes to life thanks to a Haswell Intel i7 processor and graphics provided by NVIDIA.

For now we do not know anything about when this attractive laptop will reach the market. What we can say is that the Y70 Touch base price is $ 1,299 dollars and may be more if you opt for a superior configuration.

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Lenovo Erazer X315, for those with thinner pocketbooks

Not all the news is for those who have managed to save enough money to buy a high- quality laptop. Lenovo has also presented something which will surely interest those who are looking for something that offers more for less money, and it is precisely to these people that the new Erazer X315 is targeted. A few days ago we saw Alienware present its new Alpha, a very low priced Seam machine that looks to get a very good portion of the market Valve is trying to create and which will become much more interesting in the upcoming year.

Well, Lenovo would not do less, and has not had problems in presenting its own economic alternative. A computer which tries to perform enough to carry the majority of current pointer games in a fluid manner at 1080p. A list of its benefits will follow.

For now, we don’t have enough details regarding its benefits, For now we do not have too many details about their benefits, but we know its brain will be an AMD A10-7850K APU, the best of the new Kaveri line, which is accompanied by Radeon R9 260 dedicated graphics (although it is expected that its more basic configuration will not include the video card).

Otherwise, we can say that this is a fairly traditional computer design with a bland tower design compared to what the competition has presented. Regarding the market price, it is expected to stand at $600 for the most basic configurations, although discreet it comes a little above the competition.

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