Lenovo introduced its new ThinkPad notebooks at CES

The preview of CES 2015 has been very exciting because some companies have decided not to wait till the show begins to announce their news. It is something that happens every year and we are accustomed to it, but there are no more interesting surprises. On Lenovo’s side, which is one of the largest Chinese companies that have expanded internationally, they have a new series of notebooks that are on the ThinkPad range. In total these are five different notebook models that are committed to the use of Intel Core Broadwell processors.


The improvements are significant in each model, taking as a reference portable notebooks already available and updating them significantly to offer a better performance to users. The ThinkPad T450 / T550, for example, are now lighter and offer a greater amount of customization options. For the models ThinkPad E450/550, users can access the updated 3D RealSense Technology with an updated camera and it even gives you the opportunity to install an AMD Radeon graphics card for those interested.

The ThinkPad Carbon X1 has improved in terms of proposing a more relevant form and has also increased too its customization options, as in the case of other Lenovo models. One element to highlight is the improvement in the interaction between user and computer. Lenovo has wanted the user interface to be more efficient and convenient, so they have added a new keyboard. They have also added a different touchpad that supports three pressure zones.

For professionals, the ThinkPad T450s have been updated, which now have more options that meet the kind of buyers it is aimed at. For example, it has a greater number of connection ports and the battery life is superior. This allows us to trust that the laptop will last longer without connection without having to worry on charging it again throughout the day. It also includes an SD card reader, which comes in handy in day to day work.

Finally, the ThinkPad L450 finds its greatest novelty in that it now allows users, in their setup process, to incorporate an improved display that makes use of Full HD IPS technology. And as it has happened in other Lenovo models, they have also reduced the weight to be lighter and the design has received a small facelift that makes it thinner.

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