Kingmax announces the addition of new models to its Nano Gaming series

Since Kingmax Nano Gaming series was launched in 2012, it has always received many awards and good reviews from the community. Therefore, Kingmax has decided to extend the range of both the RAM memory as well as SSDs, by adding new models. Specifically, for RAMs, extends the range of speeds available with two new additions specially designed for overclockers and enthusiasts.

Kingmax SSD

So far, Kingmax offered Nano Gaming RAM memory speeds of 1333, 1600, 2000 and 2200 Mhz. With the two new additions, they’re also offered in DDR3-1866 MHz and DDR3-2133 Mhz speeds, so that it covers the most possible range of speeds that they can reach any user’s need (and just left out the DDR3-2400 MHz). Also the complete range of Kingmax’s Nano Gaming RAM memories offers a unique cooling system that allows more room for overclocking as far as temperature is concerned.

On the other hand, have also added new SSDs to this range. Thanks to the prices of these solid state devices have lowered in the past months, Kingmax offers a good bet for quality / price ratio with SME Xvalue SSDs, which provides transfer speeds up to 520 MB / s and 85.0000 IOPS. We find it curious that in the press release sent to us by Kingmax, it talks about a great quality / price ratio but then they don’t tell us the price, not even the capabilities that will be available on these SSDs, so we have to wait until they are released to the market to see their final price.

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