Jabra Motion UC MS Review

The Jabra Motion UC series is comprised by hands-free headphones designed to be used in the office.

The product we’ve reviewed is the Jabra Motion UC MS with travel and charge kit, optimized for Microsoft Lync, Microsoft’s IM service integrated in Outlook.

Jabra Motion UC MS

It weighs just 17.5 grams and it’s very comfortable to use.

It features motion sensors that allow it to react to the environment, which translates into a much more intuitive use and better battery life, since it enters standby mode when it’s not in use.

The battery can last up to 360 hours in Standby Mode, or just 7 while in conversation. The battery can be fully charged in just two hours.

It also features NFC technology, so you can synch it with another device with the press of a single button, like a compatible Smartphone. Its range is noticeably long (100 meters), and according to Jabra, it offers a range 10 times longer than any similar devices. During out tests, it performed commendably, without lag or interruptions.

Optional travel kit

The Jabra Motion UC MS we used comes with an optional travel kit you can use to comfortably take it with you no matter where you go, making the device fit in a space no bigger than a Smartphone (though a lot bulkier, of course). You can fit the wireless receiver, the charge cable, two additional ear pads (with different sizes) and the hands-free device. On the other hand, the case can work as a standing charging dock by connecting it to a power outlet via micro-USB.

In regard to software, it comes with Jabra PC Suite (or its OS X equivalent, Jabra Suite for Mac), so we can control it from the computer. This way, you can hear it ring, answer or reject the calls, silence the microphone or call back easily. You can also opt for Jabra Connect App, capable of doing this and much more from an Android or iOS device.

It has a touchable area to control the volume, buttons to answer or reject incoming calls and silence the microphone and a LED indicator that lights up when we’re calling someone.


The Jabra Motion UC offers an excellent audio quality and a very long range. It’s also very comfortable to use, though a little bulkier than most similar devices.

Also, its NFC connectivity and compatibility with computers and smart phones makes it even better.

However, the motion sensor isn’t as good as it should be, and its price (around 139 dollars) is also quite high, which means it’s not for everyone. You can also get the version without the travel kit, of course.

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