Intel wants to reduce the price of monitor’s with 4K resolution.

We have seen this past week in Computex 2014, the newer monitors are increasingly better, which have left behind the 1080 and have welcomed the new 4K resolution. Even though the prices are a bit high for the general public, but is has been shown that there is a decline in prices for these screens. With the price of 4K monitors in decline Intel has decided to reduce the cost even more. With the end result of making these monitors more accessible to the public. In order to do this, Intel in teaming up with leaders in this sector ViewSonic and Samsung, in addition to a large number of All- in -one System manufacturers.

Intel’s objective is to offer several options regarding price, some will be priced around 300€ for PLS, which is the IPS version of Korean Samsung and is approximately 740$ for the All-in-one. Keeping in mind that there are some low end 4K monitors for around 600$, though some manufacturers are lowering this price.

It is clear that this is a very attractive proposition but it is not without certain problems. This is the case with certain things like getting the resolution correctly adjusted or having 4K signal come through the HDMI port. In this last case we find that, though Haswell has made significant improvements to this video format, it shows that there are still problems when issuing signals from this port. These types of problems are seen in AIO’s since not all Intel monitors support the standard Display Port 1.2

4K monitor

Despite these problems those from Mountain View find themselves at an advantage over their eternal competitor because AMD has shown a drop in performance for APU Richland and Trinity in this type of item. Still it seems they have come up with the solution with the recent Kaveri for laptops. Anyway it seems that far from a fight both, manufacturers, content developers and engineers of software will play a vital role in having this video format count and be widely adopted.

This information was taken from the Intel Keynote at Computex. Though there are no concrete dates for the presentations of the first models. We might have to wait some moths before seeing the first models but it has given a boost to a format that has yet to establish itself.

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