Intel prepares its wireless charging technology for 2015

Intel is preparing to launch its wireless charging technology early next year 2015. The first devices compatible with this technology have already been certified but now those devices are unknown. Laptops and tablets using this technology will be available from the second half of 2015.

Kumar Chinnaswamy general manager of wireless charging at Intel Experiences Group has stated that some smartphones have been certified for use of wireless charging technology, which is expected to become available in early 2015. This Intel wireless charging technology will take a little longer to be available to those equipments which require more energy, laptops and tablets.

For laptops this technology will reach mid to high range price devices first. Until 2016 or 2017 would not be available on lower-end computers, equipped with Intel Core M. This technology will allow in the future to have a computer without the need for any cable.

Currently the wireless charging standard most used and well known is the Qi created by Wireless Power Consortium. But A4WP (Alliance for wireless charging), which is made by several companies (including Intel, Samsung and Broadcom), will promote the use of technology charge by magnetic resonance and expected later in a future to overcome the Qi standard.

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