Intel Minnowboard, sold the first PC x86 Open Source

Intel Minnowboard, a plate with an Atom e746 micro-processor aimed at developers, security researchers or users wanting to experiment is already available and those who seek to mount a mini-PC x 86 that Intel advertises is “the first PC x 86 Open Source” on the market.

Intel Minnowboard

Mini-PC systems are counted by the dozens while most use ARM architectures, such as the fantastic Raspberry Pi.

Intel Minnowboard is developed by the firm CircuitCo Electronics together with the guys from Santa Clara from the Open Source Technology Center of Intel. Their diagrams, specifications and design files are published and can be duplicated under the Creative Commons license.

As to its specifications the Intel Minnowboard, is a 10 x 10 centimeter, single-core 1 GHz Intel Atom e746 processor with 1 Gbyte of RAM DDR2 memory and 600 GMA graphics. It has a HDMI port, Gigabit Ethernet and supports SATA 2 and micro-SD to storage.

Intel Minnowboard includes Ångström Linux by default but it is also compatible with the Yocto project through which you can install another Linux distribution or a custom one. Although the plate contains binary code closed as boot UEFI firmware and a 3D graphics driver, most of software that can be used is Open Source because of its open approach to hardware.

The Intel Minnowboard already on sale for $199 at a handful of retailers.

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