Intel announces 10TB SSDs with their 3D NAND Flash memory

Intel Corporation, in collaboration with Micron Technology, announced today the availability of its new 3D NAND Flash memory, the highest density flash memory in the world, which will allow bringing SSDs in M.2 format with capacities of up to 3.5 Terabytes and up to 10 TB for SSD in 2.5" format.

This is possible thanks to vertical cell stacking, with 32 layers ("stories") that allow to reach 256 Gb per cell by using MLC or 384 Gb with TLC memory, with the maximum capacity at 3.5 TB for SSDs in M.2 format or 10 TB in the 2.5" format.

This is undoubtedly a breakthrough, since access to solid state drives of larger capacity will help reduce both the price of higher capacity models as well as the models of smaller capacity. Will this be the end of mechanical hard drives?

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