I love my HP Envy x2

I have purchased the HP Envy x2 (in France where I am living) and love it.
My background : my brother has the Surface RT, my wife an iPad so I have extensive experience on both.

Several points pointed above that does not make sense for me :
– ATOM not done for gaming : This is one the funniest thing that I have read. How want to game on a tablet ?

I have a desktop computer with a QuadCore i750 overclocked, 16Go of RAM, a CUDA GPU (to take advantage of for Premiere Pro hardware acceleration), a SSD for the OS. with a 27″ screen I use that when I am making photos or videos. I do not want to make photoshop on a 10 or 11″ screen and really do not see who would like to !!! So far, the HP Envy is accepting everything I am throwing to. Surfing, email, chat… is working perfectly. The interface is very very fluid, as much as an iPad. Office 2013 (that I have installed) works perfectly. It is just working perfectly fine for 95% of the usage you would have on a screen of this size.
By the way, does an iPad offers a better gaming experience ? Is there another tablet better for game ? You must choose a gaming laptop!

HP Envy x2

– Comparison with Core i3/i5 and Surface Pro : the Surface Pro and all other annnounced “powerful” tablet or >13-14mm thick. How can someone compare to this one at 8mm and 650g ?
I have tried in a store the ACER Iconia W700, this thing is just much much more heavy and think than an HP Envy, Surface RT or Asus VivoTab.
There is just no other tablet than the ATOM ones as thin and light as an iPad so comparing that to a Surface Pro is funny…

Autonomy : this thing just last forever. I did not make any comparison to use continuously 8 hours the tablet (!!!) but for me, it seems very very similar to the iPad 2 of my wife. If you are looking for a default, autonomy is clearly not one of them. And as I plug it in the dock from time to time to write emails and works, the battery of the dock is used so, all in all, it last several days without any issues.

Design : it is said that this is expensive. Compared to what ? the Acer W500, AsusVivoTab Smart… have 10″ display. This is just to small. The Surface with 10,6″ is a better compromise in this regard. Other 11,6″ tablet, with digitizer, like the Asus VivoTab … cannot be purchased anywhere. Also, the design is top notch. comparing the HP to the Samsung is a joke. Just try in a store and you will understand why people want to pay the difference.
Also, people compare it to a thin notebook or MacBookAir. I do not want to have to lug around constantly a keyboard. Mac Book Air is 1,7cm thick and 1,1kg. This thing is half the thickness and 40% lighter.
Hybrid like this are just much more than a netbook, this is just funny to see people comparing 400$ notebook to that. This is lighter, thinner, more versatile, more powerful than many notebook and therefore, more expensive.

Screen resolution : it is also funny how Apple marketing succeeded in making people considering that you need 300DPI screen to be happy. Except that, the Mac Book Air 11″ is … 1366*768 ! Strange, isn’t it ?
Like those ATOM tablet. I have not seen those people, raving on the iPad 4 retina display, and saying that they will never go back, claim that the Mac Book Air screen resolution was shit.

Bottom line : I love the HP Envy X2 for what it is :
– It is sleek and beautiful to look (and Apple fan knows how much design is important)
– as a tablet : it is as thin and as light as the best (Nexus 10 and iPad) but much more powerful and versatile (as it can runs all windows software)
– with the keyboard, it can transform in a netbook or ultrabook for increase productivity

All that in a single product. There is just no other product (I am putting the Lenovo, Asus Vivotab… and other similar tablet in the same basket) so far offering such a compelling offer.

All product discussed above are all compromised products in comparison :
– MBA, Surface Pro are heavier, thicker, more expensive, less battery life,
– Notebook, Ultrabook are also thicker, heavier
– iPad has no dock for increase productivity and a very limited OS in term.
There is just no other product for so cheap offering all of that in one package.

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