HP does not forget about the desktop PC market and releases two new high-performance Envy

Even though numerous experts have been predicting the abandon of desktop computers since several years ago, it’s still the sector of computing market in which you can obtain the maximum CPU power and without a doubt the best performance/price ratio of hardware and devices.



Despite releasing numerous portable devices, All-in-ones and tablets, HP has not forgotten about one of the markets with their largest presence and has released the new HP Envy Phoenix 800 and Envy 700, two desktop computers oriented to offer a superior performance to the alternatives for the office.

The Envy Phoenix 800 comes with a black case with red LEDs, we know it’ll feature a 4th generation Haswell Intel Processor and Nvidia graphics card, though the exact model of the latter is still unknown, which makes us think it will be a model of the new GTX 700 series. The basic model will be around 1100 USD, and it will hit the market on June 5th.

For its part, The Envy 700 (to the left in the picture) will allow the user to choose between different AMD or Nvidia graphics cards. Its CPU will also be an Intel Core Haswell. It will be released on June 5th as well, but its price will be considerably lower (around 600 USD), so the most basic model will likely feature more modest components.

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