How to Hack Whatsapp Account

Good morning! welcome come to, and I come right to warn you and give you proper advice, so, if you are looking to learn how to prevent yourself from getting your Whatsapp account hacked by another person, then you have come to the right place! This is, in fact, a very important issue.

If you Google the following: “How to hack Whatsapp online?”you’ll see that the majority of the results shown there positioned as first results of your search, are plain scams. Yes, as you’ve just read, they are: scams, plain scams. They promise to hack a Whatsapp account in a matter of seconds at your request just by using their magic software and systems, but the only thing they will actually do is push you to give them your telephone number to spend the entire balance of it. So, consider yourself warned against this filthy trick: beware of the false hacker services. They are just scams, frauds hidden under websites that, as time passes, after some weeks, end up being penalized, removed completely by Google and the owners sued by the victims.

Having stated this facts, in the present tutorial I am going to be presenting to you the real and most practical techniques (not used by professional hackers but for common and simple users) that hackers use against Whatsapp accounts.

Given the many and diverse techniques there are online, we will take a good look at them going from the simplest to the most complex ones.

1. “The Whatsapp Web and QR-Code Method”.

  • Difficulty level: Easy.
  • Objective: Getting access to all chats and save them in your own PC.

This Hacking technique is really simple, and that is, precisely, what makes it much more dangerous, so we must be very well guarded against it.

What this method does is, basically it takes advantage of all the possibilities that the new Whatsapp website grants to the users (this is the version of Whatsapp for the PC) in order to spy another person’s whatsapp chats.

At the slightest slip, the hacker acts fast by taking the person’s cell-phone and the next thing is visualizing in his/her own PC the version of the whatsapp web software the person, better call him/her a victim, is using. This kind of hacking technique is used commonly among our own relatives and close persons, as, in order to implement this method, it is necessary to be in front of the victim’s cell-phone. Our advice here is: Do not ever leave your cell-phone alone!

I will show you an image of this hacking process used against cell-phones as well as an indication for you to see where the version of the Whatsapp Web Software is, and also for you to see the official website in the PC, where the QR Code appears:


2. Email sending of Whastapp Chats

  • Difficulty level: Easy.
  • Objective: Getting access to one specific chat and receive it directly in your e-mail

This is a very potent option used to spy any Whatsapp conversation, it is also a pretty unknown method to many people. In order to get hacked, the only requirement will be to lose eyes on your cell-phone for a little moment in front of a friend with bad intensions. At the slightest slip, this bad friend of yours may enter inside your Whatsapp chats and select the option: “send chat by email”, and so he, or she, will be able to comfortably spy you from their own home.

As you can see, this hacking method used against another person’s Whatsapp account, or just a friend of yours, is pretty simple, so, we must repeat the same advices given before, taking your precautions to an extreme level should always be your first step, in order to grant you proper protection.

3, Spyware Installation

  • Difficulty level: Advanced.
  • Objective: Getting access to all of a cell-phone’s information and data

Here we’ve got a much more complex issue to solve, so it is necessary to have some good experience at it. we recommend you use the spy software, Flexispy and mSpy. Its easy to use and you can get all information of the target’s phone, of course, include Whatsapp! (You must root android phone or Jailbreak iphone)


Unless you got an antimalware previously installed, you will not be aware your Android cell-phone has just been hacked.

Hacks and Tips for people that want to hack a whatsapp account.

  • If you wish to see the photograph, status and the last connection of any telephone number, you just have to add it and you’ll get immediately direct access to all that information.
  • So, you are not aware if someone has indeed blocked you? Thanks to the fact that the whatsapp status cannot be blank, it is quite easy to know when a person has you, or not, as a contact.

How to prevent our Whatsapp account from being hacked.

Check your application’s settings: You should enter and check your whatsapp’s settings periodically, you need to check out things like, for example, whether your email is properly linked to your whatsapp account or not, or if maybe you have been hacked, it is there where you will be able to know this as a fact. We can do this checking by following these steps: Settings/Chats/Backup. If you see another email different than the one you associated your whatsapp account with, then you can worry, you’ve been hacked.

Program Periodic Backups: From time to time, you should program backups for all your chats, commanding them to be sent right to your email. In this way, you can erase all your conversations after this backup process has been done with the certainty that, no matter who comes and check your cell-phone, all your chats are safe from strangers.

You have to check all the Whatsapp Web Sessions that you have recently logged in. On the Whatsapp-Web’s tab of our application we can see how many sessions we have active, so we can actually know how many PCs we’ve got simultaneously running the application and how many PCs can see what we are typing in our cell-phone. Apart from the operating system (Mac OS, Windows…) we will see dates and locations. There is no need to say that, if you come to see a chat that is open, and is in no way related to you, you should close it immediately. The positive thing is that you will be able to make all this actions directly from your own smartphone, just by pushing gently on the screen of your device, or by sliding your finger on it.

Do not talk about important or private issues through whatsapp: unfortunately, Whatsapp is not an application which shows top respect for its users’ privacy. As you should know, some government and intelligence agencies are able to access your messages if they happen to show some suspicious or criminal behavior. Nonetheless, even if this does not happen to be the case, you know these apps got weaknesses and failures, so, if you need to talk about important or private things we recommend better alternatives, like for example the Telegram’s secret chatting service.

And so, this is it my friend. Unfortunately, there are no magical software for hacking a whatsapp online, plus doing it for free, no way!… my intention today was telling you the truth, not lying at all. I am here to show you the complete truth, and thus help you to avoid from falling into this kind of attacks.

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