Guide for buying Televisions: Home Theater’s and Sound Bars.

When buying a television what we most look at is the screen and how well it looks. It’s obvious this is a primary element and as such deserves a great acknowledgement. Nevertheless, you know how we like for you to look at the details and that is why today we will talk about the sound.


The TV’s over the years have become thinner and flat. This is without a doubt an important advance. Nevertheless, with these advances we have lost something fundamental, high quality sound. In order to sound well the sound must take up space and this is impossible my friend’s, which is why today I will show you how to choose something that is more convenient for your room: A Sound Bar or a Home Theater System.

Before starting what should I look for in sound equipment?

Before talking about what is offered in each category of product it is convenient to go over what we have to keep in mind before making a purchase. Both are really useful and function well but to make a good purchase we have to understand the sound systems. Let’s go over some data and aspects of the systems that we have to keep in mind.

Power: Power is measured in watts and the data usually occurs in two ways: On one hand to the individual speaker and on the other to the entire set. More is not always better and it is important to find equipment with sufficient power for a room. Since the volume can always be changed it is important that it has enough power but not too much.

Number of Speakers: A Sound Bar or a Home Theater System will have a different amount of speakers. In the case of the Sound Bar they are all inside the Sound Bar, but in a Home Theater System they are distributed among several satellite speakers. This is an important aspect to look at. If you have a large room then a 5.1 system is convenient but starting with a 2.1 system in the home is sufficient. Keep in mind that if the source of the sound is too close together it will overlap and not sound as well as you would like.

Connectivity: Is another important aspect. The television connection is made through the corresponding audio output jack. In the case of a Home Theater System you should look to see if it needs cables or if it’s wireless (sometimes they can be a bit more expensive but it’s worth it as this can make a difference). Some models include Bluetooth enabling you to listen directly through your mobile phone or tablet.

Design: Beyond the aesthetic, which many people value, it is also important to buy a system that you can mount or place well. It is true that Sound Bars are not bulky but you still need to find an empty space. It is important to take measurements and to imagine where it will be placed before buying it. In the case of a Home Theater System it is worth stopping to think, take a pad, and sketching where the system will be placed.

A Sound Bar: Small and easy to install.

Sound Bar

Sound Bars have been positioned as the perfect complement to any television. Why? It’s very simple, they occupy little space, are easy to install and offer high quality sound. You only have to plug it into the audio jack and place it where you want.

There are many models that are enjoyable from a 2.1 to a 5.1 that offer very good results. Some come with Bluetooth which allow us to send sound directly from a mobile phone or tablet. They are a simple and more accessible option for a majority of the people.

We should receive good results without being an expert on the subject. They have a lot of power and the sound comes from the same source, even though they contain two speakers internally, you can hear the difference without problems. These are also perfect for rooms that are not especially large.

Home Theater Systems: Powerful and for Large Rooms.

Home Theater Systems

A few years ago it was practically required to have a Home Theater Systems so that we could say that our living room was like having a theater at home. Since that time it has lost some of its desirability but it is still the best option if you want to enjoy high quality sound when watching the TV.

It is comprised of several satellite speakers that are distributed throughout the room’s perimeter. They all have signs so that we know where to place them. Depending on the type and amount of speakers, some will include: 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 …

The installation is a bit more complex as it is convenient to install the cables correctly, this is a bit tedious, but remember that you will only have to install it once. It is worth it if you are handy and if it’s a large room.

They are much more powerful, occupy more space, and are a better option if you want to enjoy high quality sound in your home. There are many different configurations and we must look at the power, number of speaker’s, and where they will be placed, which is sometimes very important.

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