GTX TITAN Z has been listed on Amazon with a price of $3,999

The GTX TITAN Z has been listed on Amazon earlier than expected, somewhat surprising because as we know NVIDIA has delayed the launch of the card twice and, in fact, does not have an official release date.

The model listed is a variant of the Zotac jointer and is, as we can see, in stock, although its price is totally outrageous amounts, up to $ 3,999.

Yes, this figure reflects a premium of $1,000 against the official NVIDIA announcement at the time, that’s makes clear the attempt to exploit the uniqueness of the product and which has not yet been officially released.

About the model specifications, there’s listed no surprises, as referenced to 12 GB of GDDR5 (6 GB per GPU) is already working on a frequency of 705 MHz-876 MHz, normal mode and turbo, respectively.

Before concluding we must make an important point, which is that as we saw in this comparison the GTX TITAN Z does not make a big difference at the level of performance against the R9 295 X2, but twice as expensive, so NVIDIA has to do something before launch to prevent their new graphics card runs out of room in the market.

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