GTX TITAN Z delayed by a design change

In theory today was the day chosen by NVIDIA to launch the GTX TITAN Z, the new dual GPU solution based on the NVIDIA GK110 chip, but yet the card has not reached the market.


According to what Videocardz tells us, this delay has been the result of last minute changes in the dissipation system of the card, leaving us, as a result, a design change in the card, which would occupy 3 slots instead of 2.5, as we can see in the picture.

Within that dissipation system, the metal back plate that includes the GTX TITAN Z plays a very important role, as this not only reinforces the card, but also contributes to the cooling of memory chips.

The exposed could bring another consequence, an increase in working frequencies on the card, which would give an extra performance, certainly needed to make a difference against the R9 295X2 by AMD that, remember, it costs just the half as the GTX TITAN Z.

Otherwise there is nothing new, so the starting price of $ 2,999 is maintained.


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