GTX 880M vs. GTX 870M vs. GTX 860M Specs, Performance Comparison

GTX 880M vs. GTX 870M vs. GTX 860M Specs Comparison

GTX 880M.

GTX 880M.As shown in the graph it’s almost equivalent to a desktop GTX 680, but has a lower working frequency, representing a slightly lower performance.

On the positive side we note that consumption is also lower, which is vital in this type of components for laptops.

We are, in short, in front of a graph that still today can qualify as high-end.

GTX 870M.

GTX 870M.

This card becomes a GTX 670 cropped top, which comes with a 192-bit bus, a considerable difference from the 256-bit bus riding said tabletop model.

Otherwise the differences are limited to the working frequencies, as we can see in the chart.

We can conclude that this is a model of medium to high enough to play in 1080 with guarantees on almost all current game ranges.

GTX 860M.

GTX 860M.

Interesting GPU, as it resembles a desktop GTX 760, but it sacrifices a 256-bit bus for a 128-bit one, as we see in the chart.

This inevitably affects the performance and assumes that some titles will not be playable at 1080p resolutions with high quality or ultra in certain cases.

Yet it is a very interesting option and can qualify as mid-range model.

Performance Tests.

Performance Tests.

Performance Tests.

At a performance level we can see that in games as demanding as Battlefield 4 and Metro Last Light the GTX 880M can move without problem at 1080p resolutions and ultra high quality respectively.

Meanwhile the GTX 870M can handle Battlefield 4 in 1080p ultra quality, but Metro Last Light just over 30 FPS in high quality and resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels.

Finally the GTX 860M can seamlessly run Battlefield 4 at 1600 x 900 Ultra, but was not able to get to 30 FPS at that resolution and high quality in Metro Last Light.

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