GSkill introduces new 3400MHz DDR4 memory

They will be sold in sets of four 16GB modules, and thinking logically, within the Intel LGA2011-v3 platform. There will be two new variants within the GSkill Ripjaws range: one of 3200MHz and others of 2400MHz. Both will come in maximum configurations of 16GB, nothing of 32GB for now, with reduced 1.35v voltage.

The 3200MHz variant will have more aggressive CL15 latencies and the 3400MHz modules will have a CAS latency of 16 cycles. Both will feature the classic design of Ripjaws dissipation and options for active ventilation, by using a combo of two additional fans that are compatible with typical quad channel plates 2011-v3 configurations.

They will be launched immediately, but we must wait to see the prices and I fear they will not be exactly affordable.

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