Google Chrome will include a new malware notifying window

For a while back now, Google’s browser shows its users warnings on the existence of threats when accessing certain web pages. When the certificates do not coincide or when the web page is suspected to contain malware, Google Chrome warns the user and tell him that it would be better to leave said web page if he wants to avoid problems.

The warning on web sites with expired certificates changed some months ago to turn even more aggressive. In this occasion, it is the malware warning window that will receive some changes to turn it more aggressive and help users avoid said web pages.

Google Chrome

As we can see, in this new Google Chrome window, red color predominates, which better signals the “threat” and will stop users from accessing certain web pages better than with any other color. An X icon and two buttons can also be seen on the window: the first one will open a detail list for which the web page has been catalogued as a dangerous site and the second one will close the malicious web in question and will take us directly to a secure web page.

Google Chrome

The warning window for a suspicious phishing attack web page will also receive changes similar to the malware one. These new warning windows are already available in the Dev and Canay versions of Google Chrome, so if any user wants to try them out they can just download and install said versions and access any malware or phishing attack test web page to see them. These windows are expected to arrive in October of this same year, although it is probable that the developers include them before this date.

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