Give your PC Some Color with the New BitFenix Neos

BitFenix just finished announcing the release of its new series of PC boxes for Neos. With a sober and organized design, this BitFenix Neos are offered in various colors and excellent amplification capabilities, for which the manufacturer takes entry-level boxes (for the price of less than 40 Euros) to the next level.

With Neos, the brand wanted a design that was sufficiently simple to fit in almost any decoration style, but also wanted to incorporate enough of its own personality so that’s its users could express their own style with it. In order to do this, BitFenix started building a front panel that is very sober and simple, with only slits for units of 5.25 inches and a large opening for ventilation. This frontal panel is the key piece of the box, since it can be bought in different colors. The chassis is also available in white and black, but the fron panel has a multitude of colors, such as blue, black, red, white…

BitFenix Neos

Of course, the BitFenix Neon is not only beautiful, since it has a variety of refrigeration options, removable dust filters, a careful selection of materials, tool-less component installation, and a neverending list of characteristics that would make us think that we have a high price box and not an entry-level box.

The BitFenix Neon will arrive in stores very soon, and, even though its price is still yet to be determined, it is not expected to exceed 50 dollars.

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