Gigabyte unveils the X99 Gaming 5P with XPM DDR4-3200 profile support

A new motherboard model with the X99 Chipset is on its way. This time, it’s Gigabyte who is behind the creation of the X99 Gaming 5P. It’s a motherboard for gamers with a LGA 2011-v3 socket, hence it has DDR4 memory support.

The novelties offered regarding the other motherboards is the native support for DDR4 memory sticks at 3,200 MHz with XMP profiles. Also, it has a technology that can change the active pin number in the socket, from the normal 3022 up to 2083. It is somewhat similar to what ASUS did with its OC Socket with 2071 pins, a modification that uses some non-official energetic modes that allows the increase – supposedly – of the overclocking capacity of the Haswell-E processors.

Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5P

Besides that, we have 4 PCIe 3.0 x 16 ports, 8 DDR4 memory slots, double SDD M.2 port, WiFi card, Creative Sound Core 3D sound with a 4 core dedicated processor and interchangeable OP-AMP with a physical track for the left and right channels.

Red Killer E2200 card, SATA Express ports and double BIOS are some of the other characteristics that complete this motherboard. And all this is garnished with a blue light in the back side.

There is no price detail at the moment.

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