Gigabyte surprises with a device formed by 3 water-cooled GTX 780 Ti

It is a liquid cooling system for graphics cards with everything you need to run, IE, with its large radiator, temperature controls and fan speed regulators. We also see an integrated pump 5.25".

All this for cooling nothing more and nothing less than 3 GeForce GTX 780 Ti at a time on a Tri -SLI system with its own block and SLI bridge with liquid distribution in the same module.

Gigabyte gtx 780 ti

It begs the question of whether this device will integrate only the radiator and blocks, while the graphics would go separately, however being something that depends on each GPU model is more than likely to be the full set. However, the thickness of these graphic cards suggests the use of a hybrid cooling system by air and / or water.

In any case, by the time it is unknown whether this is only a prototype for demonstration or if the Gigabyte Waterforce will ever come to market, if it does, it is not surprising that its price exceeds 3,000 dollars.

Gigabyte gtx 780 ti

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