Gigabyte presents its motherboard Z97 and H97 proposals

The Gigabyte 9 Series is a new family of motherboards denominated this way because it includes the Intel 97 chipsets, both the high-end version Z97, and the more modest version, the H97. Within these two models, Gigabyte has distributed its catalogue in 4 different families: the gaming models, the Ultra Durable, the overclock array and the Black Edition, a fourth array that combines all. Altogether, we’re talking about an impressive catalogue with no less than 34 motherboards.

Starting with the boards intended for players, we find the Gigabyte Gaming series, with 12 models intended for all those people who use their OC to play most of the time. It integrates technologies like AMP-UP Audio to get a clear, realistic sound and a 100% customizable by the user, or Killer LAN cards with network traffic prioritization for gaming. We’ll have all kinds of sizes, from ATX to Mini-ITX compact boards like the Z97N-Gaming 5.

Gigabyte Z97

For the overclock lovers and those who love to get the best possible performance from their components, Gigabyte updates its Super Overclocking series, with models like the Z97X-SOC FORCE, with buttons dedicated to manually control the overclock from the board and high quality components to get the maximum stability in the CPU and memory power delivery.

Thinking about the users that seek something balanced, the Ultra Durable array also receives the Z97 and H97 chipsets, with high quality components that contribute to get a stable performance without shocks and with the characteristic technology of the new Intel chipsets, like the SATA Express and the promising M.2.port.

Gigabyte H97

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