Gigabyte is making revisions that make their motherboard models radically different

Recently we told about the problem that exists worldwide with the large differences of between the same models of Gigabyte motherboards, that while per box say they are the same model, vary more than normal as revised.

Seeing different revisions is normal in almost all brands, but the problem here is that the differences between one revision and another is so big that it would be ideal that the company put another code for them, but it doesn’t really happen that way.

This has brought much confusion, as the end user or even the wholesalers or resellers don’t know which revision it even was because Gigabyte uses the same barcode (EAN / UPC) regardless of the revision. This is why there is no way to know if a company has mixed motherboards in revisions, as this is handled at the level of codes and all these are the same.

Gigabyte motherboard

As we can see in the reference photo with the product in our hands, it is now possible to know because you can look at the EAN/UPC barcode and at the side it says which revision it is. This is a problem that Gigabyte ought to solve, since the changes that these reviews have allow you to catalog them with a different SKU to avoid confusions. Moreover, it has been found that they affect product performance.

At the moment we have not officially seen comments from Gigabyte, but we will look forward to any updates to this news.

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