GIGABYTE GA-X99-Gaming G1 WIFI Review


The new GIGABYTE GA-X99-GAMING G1 WIFI presents itself as the top of the line of its company’s catalog of motherboards based on the new Intel X99 chipset and built to realize the maximum potential of the powerful Intel Haswell-E processors. As a member of the G series, this is a first-rate product with a clear orientation to gaming; we’ve tested it out, and here are our impressions.

Like any other motherboard based on X99, this model offers support for the 2011-v3 socket, compatible with all Intel microprocessors from the Core i7-58xx and Core i7-59xx series, unveiled a few months ago. Among several other virtues, it has DDR4 memory support (eight slots), integration of a WiFi/BT module in the PCB and SATA M2 support (a shame it’s not Ultra, but is only 10 Gbps).

The product comes in meticulous packaging (similar to the company’s other products at this price level) and with all the necessary accessories; there are many details such as SATA cables with a protective mesh, an external, high-gain WiFi antenna, or connectors for installing SLI or Crossfire configurations.


The format of the motherboard is E-ATX (30.5 by 25.9 cm) but this should pose a problem in modern computers made for ATX as they’re hardly 2 cm more than usual. The distribution of the connectors is impeccable and the effort spent by the engineers on the size of the condensers and reducing the cooling system has resulted in a platform ideal for lovers of the most extreme hardware, where they won’t encounter space problems when installing large cooling systems or multi-GPU solutions.

The motherboard includes LED illumination in the PCB zone that separates the audio from the back, a programmable light that offers an incredible aesthetic when paired with a chassis with a transparent channel. Yes, you could always by these accessories separately but, from our point of view, it’s a great addition to a product as dedicated to gaming like the new G1.

The new GIGABYTE GA-X99-Gaming G1 WIFI incorporates many exclusive new features that, in addition to putting it in the top of the line, makes it a standout product head and shoulders above its rivals. Let’s go over the most significant features:

  • Exclusive audio technology GIGABYTE AMP-U, with four-core Creative Sound Core3D processor and SBX Pro Studio software included. Plus, thanks to the OP-AMP system, users that want to improve the audio can change the chip themselves, without any special tools.
  • GIGABYTE USB DAC-UP, which guarantees less noise and clean, fast data transmission.
  • Killer E2200, a Gigabit Ethernet controller made by Qualcomm that uses AdvancedStream Detect technology to prioritize web traffic. Thus, we can minimize lag on our favorite games, even if we’re using other applications.
  • Many small details such as places for reinforced screws, gold-plated connectors, latest-generation capacitors and all the technological arsenal usually seen in this series.

In the motherboard’s back part we find an impressive panel of connections (which illuminate once installed) with 8 USB 3.0/2.0 ports, two RJ-45 ports, a PS/2, two antenna connectors (2T2R), an optical exit and multi-channel audio connectors. It also has three physical buttons for Clear CMOS, Fast Boot and activating overclocking without having to resort to the software.

In our battery of tests, the GIGABYTE GA-X99-Gaming G1 WIFI stands out for its stability and performance, to which we can add the support for all the current technology and its scalability, with details such as DDR4 support,the speed of its SATA connections or solutions for getting the most out of PCI-E in multi GPU.

We had it working during two weeks with an Intel Core i7-5960X anda G.Skill DDR4 4x 4GB 2.666 MHz and we put the micro to 4.3 GHz with 1.248 V, directl from manual mode and without stability problems, even with test batteries like the classic 3DMark, Cinebench and SiSoft Sandra.

Beyond the technical specifications, it’s in its software where the GA-X99-Gaming G1 WIFI stands out from the competition; the motherboard offers an interface for UEFI that’s carefully designed and relatively intuitive, always taking into account that we’re talking about a product oriented to the user with enough knowledge to take advantage of its hardware. The process of testing to get the configuration we want becomes a pleasant task and the possibility of saving profiles is really interesting.

Plus, it comes with the latest versions of Gigabyte App Center (to personalize the motherboard’s functions), Gigabyte EasyTube (simple overclocking and with series configurations) and Gigabyte Cloud Station, a program that allows you to perform certain actions with the PC remotely.



Just as it has occurred to us on other occasions, few companies could make a product as exquisite as the GA-X99-Gaming G1 WIFI, beyond a price that would seem too high for most users. We’re looking at a top-of-the-line solution, oriented to a segment of the public that knows very well what they’re buying and is disposed to pay a little more to get the additional performance and security that only some manufacturers can offer.

We especially liked the quality of the audio solution (more than enough including for the audiophiles),the excellent construction and distribution, its overclocking possibilities and expansion possibilities as well. On the negative side, the more than 350 euros that it costs, reasonable if we take into account what it offers and what places it in a position far beyond the typical user.

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