Gigabyte further increased the speed of the GTX 750 Ti

When the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti with Maxwell architecture was presented, most manufacturers rushed headlong to submit their own models with improved cooling systems and speeds. Gigabyte introduced its own model with a speed of 1033 MHz in normal mode and 1111 MHz in Turbo mode.

However, it seems that the Maxwell architecture and high energy efficiency allows a higher speed without sacrificing stability, and since the dissipation system of the Gigabyte Windforce dual fan is able to dissipate much more W, the company has decided to launch a faster, new model.

The new Gigabyte GTX 750 Ti has an increased working speed for the GPU, reaching 1215 MHz in the 640 CUDA cores, up to 1294 MHz in Boost mode. The memory remains unchanged from the previous version, keeping its 2 GB GDDR5 at 5400 MHz.

It may seem that, in regards to PCB and components, it has the same overclocking capabilities, so those who have the first model may possibly install the vBIOS to their devices, unless Gigabyte has placed some restrictions.

At the moment there is no official price, but it should look similar to the first version, which is around 780 Dollars.

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